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High School

Fine and Performing Arts

The arts at St. Mary’s High School are committed to the belief that each and every student can be taught to enhance their God-given creativity. Student artists and performers succeed in a variety of artistic endeavors including drama, music and the visual arts.
Actors and Actresses have the opportunity to showcase their theatrical talents as a part of St. Mary’s Theatre, which puts on two drama productions per year. Vocalists may sing during school liturgies or be a part of St. Mary’s a cappella group, Nothing But Treble. Nothing But Treble performs throughout Annapolis including shows at Maryland Hall and downtown's yearly midnight madness extravaganza. Students in the visual arts have the opportunity to enter works in shows throughout the area as well as competitions through St. Mary’s. There is no doubt that the arts are alive and thriving at St. Mary’s.
Our students love sharing their talent with those in both our Parish as well as the Annapolis community.
These areas of artistic expression and study are cultivated both in and out of the classroom.
  • Performing at the Grand Illumination in Annapolis (December 2014)
  • Christmas Caroling in Downtown Annapolis for Midnight Madness (December 2015)
  • Singing the National Anthem at the Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta (April 2016)
  • Singing Christmas Carols for the SoFo HoHo (Forest Drive Toy Donation Drive Event, December 2016).
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Visual Arts

The visual arts at St. Mary’s high school strive to educate students by supporting their creative abilities through all levels, from beginner through advanced. Instruction reinforces skills in studio art through the exploration of four main areas: Production, History, Criticism and Aesthetics. Students create original works of art utilizing a variety of media and techniques including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and collage. The visual arts offer students an area of self-expression while beautifying the community and giving back to St. Mary’s.
St. Mary’s strives to provide a curriculum that fosters self-expression, teaches creativity and nourishes the imagination. Current course offerings in the visual arts include Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, AP Studio as well as Ceramics 1 and 2.

St. Mary's High School Theatre

St. Mary’s Theatre thrives on the creative participation of literally dozens of people. Each cast comprises 20-40 students who rehearse, perform, and assist with other aspects of production. 10-20 other students serve as student technicians and stage managers. Dozens of parent volunteers contribute to house and hospitality, costume and set construction, and publicity. Our goal is to provide quality theatre that is educational to the students involved, enjoyable for the audience, and valuable for all those who experience St. Mary’s Theatre. Students are involved in every aspect of production, including: Acting, Stage management, Costume design and construction, Set construction and painting, Set decoration and props construction, Lighting and Sound Design, Publicity, House and Hospitality.
St. Mary’s HS Theatre mounts two theatrical productions per year, one each fall and one each spring.
Drama Activities Support the Academic Mission of St. Mary's. They are an extension of a good educational program. Students who participate in extra-curricular activities tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, and fewer discipline problems than students generally.
Drama Activities Foster Success in Later Life. Participation in high school activities is often a predictor of later success – in college, while building a career, and becoming a contributing member of society.
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      The Great Gatsby (Spring 2018)

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      Into the Woods

      Into the Woods (Fall 2017)

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      The Great Gatsby (Spring 2018)


The Art Club provides students with the opportunity to grow as individual artists outside of a structured class setting with open studio time. Additionally, members participate together in various art projects within the school, parish and surrounding community.
The Band program accommodates both experienced student musicians and those who would like to learn to perform instrumental music. In addition to concert performances at the end of each semester, our musicians frequently appear at assemblies, athletic events, at select Masses (in collaboration with the liturgical music ensemble,) and other events throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to get involved in band via class, or through the after-school band.
The Liturgical Music Ensemble provides music for monthly school liturgies. Under the direction of performing arts faculty, this flexible group rehearses a variety of liturgical music and leads the music ministry for fellow students. Any student singer is welcome to join, as are student guitarists and other instrumental musicians.
The Forensic Speech and Debate Club is open to any student interested in performing competitively. Under the dedicated training of our Midshipman coaches, students prepare their speech or debate content and travel to high schools around Maryland and Virginia, competing against both local students and performers from across the country. Individual performance events include delivery of original speeches, declamation of famous speeches, impromptu speaking, storytelling and theatrical scenes.