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Elementary School

Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission
St. Mary’s Elementary School is a coeducational Catholic parish school. Through spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social guidance, we strive to develop lifelong learners. In cooperation with the family and Catholic community, St. Mary’s Elementary school seeks to foster and model Christian values founded on love of God, self, and others.

Our Philosophy
St. Mary’s Elementary School (Pre-K through Grade 8) is dedicated to academic excellence and is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development of each child. Our religious values are reflected in our entire education. Our educational programs teach doctrine within the experience of Christian community and guide students in effective Christian witness and service to others.

The faculty and staff foster Christian attitudes founded in love of God, self and others. These attitudes include freedom, respect, conscientious responsibility, justice and a spirit of solidarity in service to the needy. We provide opportunities for healthy interactions with one another in an atmosphere of peace, harmony, joy and mutual respect. Above all else, St. Mary’s strives to grow as a model Christian community where all are sensitive and responsive to the needs of others.

Cognizant of each individual’s God-given talents and responsibilities, St. Mary’s provides a variety of learning experiences. Our school has a broad educational curriculum, which imparts both physical and academic skills to the students. These skills afford knowledge and attitudes that enable students to continue to learn and act with self-confidence in an ever-changing world. We continually strive to identify each student’s talents and abilities to foster and to develop a sense of individuality, a realistic self-concept, and interdependence with others.

St. Mary’s alone cannot prepare its students to lead Christian and productive lives. The planning and implementation of the educational mission of the church must involve the entire Catholic community, particularly parents,  the first and foremost educators of their children. Realizing St. Mary’s School shares this sacred trust with the parents, we embrace the learning process.