Parish Life

Parish Leadership

St. Mary's Parish has three advisory boards whose purpose is to provide expert advice to the Pastor: The Pastoral Council, the School Board and the Finance Council. In addition to these advisory boards, the Senior Leadership works with the Pastor to execute the Pastor's vision as well as to manage the operation of the parish and school.

St. Mary's Parish is organized into four pillars. The pillar structure was designed to organize the many parish ministries, organizations, parish functions, and administration, and to facilitate better communication from the pillars to the Pastoral Council. 

Spiritual Pillar
Our spiritual pillar is built on the sacramental life and includes various liturgical and devotional ministries.

Community Pillar 
We are graced with a vibrant and active community pillar. These ministries fall into three categories:
  • those which focus on family life
  • parish chapters of national and international organizations
  • ministries that provide outreach to the local community
Educational Pillar
The educational pillar consists of our school, faith formation and sacramental preparation. We have a strong community within these three categories. Our parish school consists of over 800 families serving elementary and high school students.

Financial Pillar
The Financial Pillar consists of parish offices and auxiliary organizations which provide operational and financial support to help St. Mary’s Parish deliver its mission.