Elementary School

iPad Program

Welcome to St. Mary’s School 1:1 iPad Program. The school iPad is intended to be exclusively for educational purposes. Each day, students in grades 6-8 come to school with iPads to instantly access educational resources, produce authentic content, and collaborate with peers and experts. The opportunity for students to have access to such a powerful educational tool on a consistent basis has continually enriched the learning experiences at St. Mary's.

Program Specifics

Middle School (grades 6-8) students are required to bring an Apple iPad to school each day. The recommended specifications for the 2022-2023 school year include an iPad (9th Generation) 128 GB memory (minimum), must run at least IOS 15 and be able to update, OR iPad Air (model 2020-2021 or newer) with A14 Bionic Chip, must run at least IOS 15 and be able to update, 64 GB memory (minimum).

Students should also have these items each day: 
• Sturdy case
• Headphones/Earbuds

Other accessories such as keyboards, stylus, Apple Care, and warranty are optional.

A list of standard apps for all student iPads is updated each year according to course needs and is available on the iPad resource tile. Teachers may request additional apps to be installed throughout the school year.

Student iPad orientation will take place in August prior to the start of school. In-person orientation will present school program expectations, acceptable use policies, and navigation of school communication areas.