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Harry's Lunch Box - Cafeteria Services

We are extremely excited to announce that St. Mary’s School has selected Harry Browne’s as its primary foodservice partner for the coming school year!

Harry Browne’s on State Circle is a legend in the Annapolis restaurant community, and we are proud that they will be bringing the same focus on quality and healthy eating to our students and community. We are confident that this partnership will bring an entirely new school dining experience to our students.

This selection was made after an exhaustive review of bids from four different vendors, which included both written proposals and live tastings by the selection committee. The selection group included the administration of both elementary school and high school, as well as parent representatives from both divisions. They agreed that Harry Browne’s stood out in several key areas – the high quality of their food, the variety of the offerings, their professional chef, and the variety of healthy eating options they offer.

We are very energized by the new opportunities that this change will bring!

There will be further information shared throughout the summer, including menus, new food options, new pricing options, and opportunities for tastings. In the next few weeks, there will be several opportunities for you to share your thoughts and recommendations with the new management directly, so please stay tuned!