Faith Formation
Family Faith Formation and Sacraments

PRE-K to Grade 8 Faith Formation

PRE-K to Grade 8 Faith Formation

“You have asked to have your child baptized.  In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of training him/her in the practice of the faith.  It will be your duty to bring him/her up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor.  Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?”

(Rite of Baptism for Children)

St. Mary's parish uses a family model for faith formation.  Family Faith Formation embraces children and their parents attending, learning, praying, and participating in the faith journey together. This includes:
● Families regularly attending Sunday Mass (or Saturday evening vigil).
● Families completing assigned Faith Formation activities together at home.
● Families attending a LIFT (Living In Faith Together) gathering at the parish at least once a month.

Before the first pair of LIFT sessions, we will explain our approach to parents via an online session and demonstrate the wonderful resources your family will be using at home.

All monthly Family LIFT sessions will be held in-person at St. Mary’s school. As this is a family model, at least one parent is required to stay and attend with their child. The monthly session is 1.5 hours long and includes separate formation sessions for parents and children, followed by a family activity.

In accordance with archdiocesan requirements, the materials include catechesis for Family Life. This age-appropriate program promotes communication between you and your child, addressing the unique challenges facing today’s families including Christian living, chastity, character formation, and safe environment training.

PRE-K To Grade 8 Faith Formation Contacts

  • Michele Dougherty
    Director of Faith Formation
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  • Eileen Messer
    Registrar & Administrative Assistant
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  • Nancy Rainer
    Faith Formation Volunteer Coordinator
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