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Elementary School Students Use Technology from Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Students relate so well to technology in the classroom. As we develop millennium learners, we strive to meet their unique educational needs with a curriculum that spirals to engage even the smallest students in our student body. Students engage through rich learning experiences, as our faculty implements educational technology through direct instruction in cyber safety, online etiquette, coding, and responsible web citizenship. In our elementary school, students as young as Kindergarten are applying creative problem solving and pre-engineering methods as they build block towers with one another. At the other end of the elementary school spectrum, grades 6-8, students are exposed to introductory computer programming through Swift Playgrounds and Hour of Code. Students are exposed to online etiquette and safety. Using the engineering design process, students learn to solve problems that relate to real-world issues. During this time, students learn to become efficient in their use of search engines and different programs for reporting and storage. Students learn to complete 3D designs and printing using Tinkercad and our Dremel 3D printers.
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