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Growing in Faith

St. Mary’s High School provides a required class retreat for students in their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years as well as an optional retreat experience Senior year.  These are annual opportunities for each grade to learn more about their faith and their personal relationship with God. Retreats provide an opportunity for students to step away from their everyday lives and to “unplug,” allowing them time to grow in faith and learn about themselves and others in their community.

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  • Freshman Retreat

    The Freshman class participates in a retreat with the theme of “You Belong!” This retreat focuses on creating a class where all are welcome and are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to better the community.
    The retreat is led by upperclassmen, who share their own experiences at St. Mary’s and the ways in which they acclimated to high school.  Through talks and presentations the Freshmen consider how to present their genuine selves in high school, without hiding behind masks.  Freshmen are guided to identify the skills and traits which they possess and are challenged to put them to use as St. Mary’s Saints. Retreat leaders use this opportunity to share with freshmen the ways they can be involved in the St. Mary’s community to make the most of their high school years.

    The day is filled with intentional community time and group games, and students attend daily Mass with the parish. 
    The retreat takes place at our St. John Neumann Church campus and is a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know their classmates and the community that they have joined.
    The retreat is planned and led by a retreat team of upperclassmen students, the Campus Minister, the high school chaplain and teachers.
  • Sophomore Retreat

    The Sophomore class continues their retreat experiences at St. Mary’s High School with the theme “Called to Be a Saint.”  During this retreat, the sophomores are encouraged to think about the lives of the Catholic saints, while also considering the best version of a St. Mary’s Saint that they can be.  The retreat includes presentations on Redemptorist saints, among others, and the holy friendships of the saints.  Conversations revolve around using the saints as role models and mentors at various times of our lives.
    The Sophomore Retreat is held at our St. John Neumann Church campus and is scheduled on a school day in the early spring.  The retreat includes talks by upperclassmen and teachers, games, discussion, prayer and Mass with the community.
  • Junior Retreat

    The Junior class attends a two day retreat titled “Chosen to Lead.”  This retreat takes place near the end of the junior year, as the class is preparing to become our student leaders as seniors.   
    The class spends one day at a local ropes course, completing both high and low ropes challenges, along with team-building activities and games.  The other day is spent at the  St. John Neumann campus for a more reflective experience.  Students listen to an invited guest speaker, create a class creed and consider the ways they will lead their classmates in the upcoming school year.   Discussions focus on servant leadership and humility, rather than power and titles.   The day ends with the community Mass and class lunch.
  • Senior Retreat - Kairos

    Kairos is a national retreat program used by Catholic schools all across the country.  The word Kairos translates to “God’s time” and is meant to be an opportunity for our older students to consider their relationship with God and the ways God makes himself present in their lives.  
    At St. Mary's, students have the opportunity to attend this optional retreat during the spring of their Junior year or during their Senior year.  Once they attend a Kairos retreat, they may apply to become a leader on a future Kairos retreat.
    The retreat is led by the Campus Minister, Chaplain and a group of student and staff leaders.   Leaders present talks based on the themes of the retreat.  The talks allow leaders and participants to share their experiences of God in their relationships with family, friends and classmates.  
    Throughout the retreat, participants reflect on their own faith journey and deepen their spiritual lives. Conversation and sharing, prayer, Mass, Reconciliation and community reflection allow for a powerful and enriching retreat experience.
    Students often reflect that their Kairos retreat experience was one of their favorite activities at St. Mary’s High School and should not be missed.