Called to serve God in the priesthood

In July 2017, the following men will begin formation with the Province of St. Joseph:
Mark Donohue from Stevensville, MD – studied at the University of Maryland (clerical brother candidate)

age: 27

inspirational saints: St. Peter, St. Martin De Porres, St. Thomas Aquinas

I was born in Annapolis and raised on the Eastern Shore of MD.  I attended St Mary’s Catholic School in Annapolis from K-12, Class of 2008.  Many of the seeds of my faith were planted in my family environment and the joyful environment in St. Mary’s. In my childhood my family attended Mass each Sunday and would occasionally be involved in various ministries (ex: Mother sang in choir). At family gatherings my paternal grandfather, who had 11 children, would always communicate how blessed his life has been from dedicating his life to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother.  As I matured into adulthood, I really was amazed at how blessed he was and how the strength of his faith was a solid bedrock in the rapid pace of our modern world. As a child and young adult I have always enjoyed outdoor activities ranging from surfing to obstacle course races, and these activities lift my thoughts in thanksgiving to God for creating such an adventurous life that only gets better when shared with others.

An inspirational saint for me would be St. Peter because of his deep desire for closeness to Christ while also exhibiting his flawed human nature at times. I first daydreamed of being a priest my freshman year of college and the desire matured throughout my college years. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management from the business school. I now work as a representative for a family farm that grows carrots and a wide variety of organic vegetables.  Throughout my 20’s I have sought a deep understanding of my Catholic faith and was amazed with the grace that came as I more seriously practiced the teachings of Christ.  I’ve especially been amazed at the peace and joy I’ve received from frequenting the Eucharist.

I first met the Dominicans through Fr Athanasius Murphy at the UMD Catholic Student Center whose knowledge, kindness, and sense of humor represented an example someone of humbly authentic that was striving for holiness. I then visited the Dominican House of Studies for a vocations weekend after graduating. Seeing the friars’ joy, reverence, and desire to live the virtuous life attracted me to apply to the Order of Preachers. I graciously request any prayers offered for my vocation, my brothers, and all those seeking to do the will of God.
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