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High school students create businesses and give to charity

ANNAPOLIS - Dhane Blair wanted to go to St. Mary's High School in Annapolis. The problem? They didn't have a business program. So he came up with a rich idea, that's giving back to local charities.
"I told Ms. Tina that I wanted to make an entrepreneurship club," Blair said.
And from there an idea became reality. With the help of Allie Everhart, Timber and Gerald Berzins, Jamie Romo, Connor Kringle, and John Marquez, the Startup Saints club was born.

Students who are part of the club have been working since December to design, launch and manage their own businesses.

They presented their ideas Shark Tank style Thursday night. The money raised goes to local charities like Wounded Warriors and Fish For a Cure.
One business was an app that disables any teen attempting to text behind the wheel.
"I think it's very important these days to think outside of the box when it comes to learning," said Tina Allen, Director of Admissions at St. Mary's.

Lance Baird, a coach at the school chimed in and said, "The idea that all this is real. These teams created real enterprises but also doing it with that charitable aspect to it, it's fantastic. It's a win-win for everybody."

Call it the Wharton School of Annapolis.  Even Donald Trump didn't start off this well in the business world.
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