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The high school students of St. Mary’s are creating their own version of the popular show, Shark Tank.  
In its first year with St. Mary's High School, "Startup Saints" is a club that encourages students to design, launch and manage their own business. Since late December, four teams of students have learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a fun, interactive and constructive environment. The companies our students have created our service and product based business.  Our students are creating real companies and are ready to pitch their ideas to a panel of Shark judges, many large investors and local business owners in the Annapolis area. ​

The club came to fruition with the idea of freshman, Dhane Blair.  Dhane was the inspiration and founder behind this new club at St. Mary’s School.  With a strong desire for entrepreneurial club, he pitched his idea and the club took shape.  The club is a combination of our students: Dhane Blair, freshman; Allie Everhart, sophomore; Timber and Gerald Berzins, juniors; Jamie Romo, junior; Connor Kringel, senior and John Marquez, senior.   Lance Baird, Assistant Football coach, and Tina Allen, Director of Admissions, lead this endeavor.  "Startup Saints was founded to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a fun, constructive and ultimately real environment. To see this group of highly dedicated students apply what they have learned over the past five months in creating their own enterprise is nothing short of phenomenal. I am hopeful Thursday night will be a huge success as a result, for both our student “pitchers” and the supporting audience, some of whom may decide to help and personally invest. I'm very proud of these kids,” stated Lance Baird.
Startup Saints Shark Tank Entrepreneurship Pitch Night will be on Thursday, April 27, 2017.  Each group will present their ideas to the panel of Shark judges to see if their idea sparks an interest.  Each group is working with a chosen charity to raise money such as Wounded Warriors and Fish for the Cure.  Startup Saints collaborated with Launch! Annapolis who help entrepreneurs in the local area.  Our event will take place on Thursday, April 27 from 6:30-8:30pm in Marian Hall for a night of enterprise and fun.

About Launch! Annapolis.
Where startup founders, investors and innovative thinkers come together to launch high-growth ventures in the state’s capital. The group’s purpose is to facilitate a community that supplies helpful resources such as business mentoring, media exposure and introductions between angel investors and well positioned startups. The Chesapeake Bay is a unique backdrop for our forward thinking community that provides a fusion of progress and Annapolitan lifestyle. 
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