Pastoral Care & Outreach

Light House Shelter

St. Mary’s is one of a group of Annapolis churches that originated the Light House Homeless Prevention Center in 1991 to provide help to the homeless in our community. One of the original locations of the Light House was the Carroll House on the St. Mary’s campus. Throughout the years, St. Mary's and its parishioners have generously supported the Light House in its mission to help the poor and homeless of our community. The St. Mary’s Most Holy Redeemer Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society provides emergency assistance to those in need and works with the Light House to facilitate long-term self-sufficiency.

To volunteer:
  • Go to the Light House website and select the volunteer tab
  • You may also contact the volunteer office via phone at 443-569-4211 or by email
  • Stephanie Burlace is the Light House Liaison for St. Mary’s parish. She can provide information about volunteering in support of the Light House. She can be contacted via phone at 410-562-9555 or by email.
The Light House’s expanded capabilities increase the need for volunteers to serve a greater number of clients. The Light House offers opportunities to serve in numerous ways – providing bagged lunches, preparing dinner for shelter residents, pantry help, administrative help, teaching subjects such as job interviewing skills, resume writing, etc. as well as helping with special events such as the annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. These activities are only some of the many Light House Shelter opportunities available to help the poor and homeless of our community. You and/or your family or your organization could choose to make bag lunches and provide those to the Light House – as few or as many as you choose and on any schedule you choose.  You may choose volunteer activities that interact directly with those you are helping (or not). Choose to volunteer in a way that suits your level of comfort. All these activities provide excellent opportunities to carry out Christ’s direction to Feed the Hungry and Shelter the homeless.