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The St. Isidore Cyber Program

Project Based. Open to All Students. Choice. Analysis. Critical Thinking. Connection to Liberal Arts. Challenging. FUN!
Cyber Literacy
Cyber Literacy is a hands-on curriculum that builds a strong cyber foundation for high school students. The course introduces students to cyber by blending robotics, programming, electricity, and elements of liberal arts. Students learn about the opportunities, threats, responsibilities, and legal constraints associated with operating in cyberspace. Throughout the course, students learn the basics of electricity, programming, and networking as well as develop critical thinking skills. Cyber Literacy lays a foundation for further exploration into STEM and cyber-related topics. This is a required class for Freshman.
• Electricit
• Programming
• Robotics
Cyber Science
Honors Cyber Science is an innovative, project-driven course that integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines with liberal arts. Cyber Science uses the Parallax® Boe-Bot® robot as a platform for teaching important cyber concepts and fundamentals. Throughout the course, students are engaged in a systems-level approach to problem-solving using robotics and computer science in the context of liberal arts. Seamlessly integrating the different disciplines provides students with a dynamic learning environment and a unique educational experience. Through Cyber Science, students are not only able to make meaningful connections between STEM and liberals arts, they also learn how to become better cyber citizens. The lessons in the course are divided into five main units: Programming Basics, Foundations of Computer Science, Networking and Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics and Societal Issues. A major strength of the course is that unit components are purposefully interwoven together and provide the students with a holistic view of cyber.
• Programming Basics (PB)
• Foundations of Computer Science (CS)
• Networking and Security (NS)
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Ethics and Social Issues (ES).
Honors Physics is a rigorous program that showcases a systems-level understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that STEM professionals use every day. By using a project-driven approach, students become engaged early and maintain a high degree of interest and curiosity throughout the course. The course uses the Parallax® Boe-Bot® microcontroller platform, along with other hands-on activities that drive physics
fundamentals in the five units: Electricity and Magnetism, Work and Mechanics, Waves and Sound, Light and Optics, and Thermal Fluids and Heat Transfer. Within each unit, the lessons are modularized to allow for maximum flexibility in the classroom.
• Electricity & Magnetism
• Work & Mechanics
• Light & Optics
• Waves & Sound
• Thermal Fluids & Heat Transfer
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