Academic Programs

The National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a national organization of students whose membership
is determined according to criteria of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Academically eligible juniors and seniors at St. Mary’s High School are invited to apply to the National Honor Society.
NHS criteria are defined as follows:

Scholarship is defined by a grade point average of 3.5 or better.
Character is defined by NHS as consistently exemplifying desirable qualities of behavior such as truthfulness, honesty and reliability, courtesy, concern and respect for others.
Leadership is defined by NHS as “taking the initiative in class and school activities” and “the willingness to yield one’s person- al interests for the interest of others. This involves
training and advising others to attain the same objectives.”
Service is defined by NHS as “willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without monetary compensation or without recognition.”
National Honor Society Eligibility
Students eligible for nomination are rated by a faculty committee. Academic eligibility alone is not sufficient for membership in NHS. Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership.
Honors Programs
Student Ambassador Program
More than 80 students learn to market the school, lead tours, create video footage and become ambassadors for prospective Saints, sharing firsthand what it’s like to be blessed with a Catholic education, to be a solid student athlete and/or to participate in our arts program.

COSA stands for Council on Student Affairs. If your teen is looking for leadership opportunities, this is a great way to get involved beginning as a freshmen. St. Mary’s COSA is essentially the student government, representing each grade level 9-12 with a President, Vice President, Secretary and homeroom representatives. There are also a spirit representative and a historian. The COSA students are very active in planning our spirit week, leading events, assisting with encouragement of school spirit and working with administration to use their God-given voices to make an impact in our St. Mary’s community.
There is an official induction ceremony and Mass each September.
Five English credits (each credit is a semester long course) are required for graduation. Writing and Literature: Elements of Composition, Writing and Literature: Elements of Analysis, Modern American Literature, British Literature and World Literature. Honors courses are available in all of these core courses for the above-average student who qualifies. In addition, qualifying seniors may substitute Advanced Placement Literature and Composition for World Literature.
St. Mary’s High School offers a challenging science curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills as they pursue scientific knowledge, integrating technology and hands on experience throughout Annapolis and beyond. Courses stress an active involvement in lab work and in analyzing scientific data. Electives are varied to meet the special interests and levels of students. Three science credits are required for graduation, many students complete four or more. Freshmen are required to take Biology or Honors Biology and sophomores are required to take Chemistry or Honors Chemistry. Beginning junior year students may choose to enroll in any of six elective courses, including Environmental Science and Forensic Science, and four Advanced Placement courses. Physics is strongly recommended as the first elective.
Foreign Language
St. Mary’s foreign language department is dynamic; students are afforded the opportunity to be immersed in multiple languages. If your teen has been taking a language for several years, they can choose to continue and deepen their appreciation of the language through one of our local field trips or trips abroad. Many teens choose to try a new language to further enhance their high school resume and prepare for college. Our language program begins as a sophomore, many students continue electively through their senior year. St. Mary’s language department provides an excellent inculcation of study skills, organization
and mastery of material. We are strong in preparing our students in grammar and linguistic analysis of the target language and English. St. Mary’s students receive high scores on the AP Spanish exam and French and Latin College Placement Exams.
• Field Trips: Café Normandie, local Hispanic restaurants, National Gallery of Art, downtown Annapolis for Latin scavenger hunt ending in pizza at Mangia. International trips to Europe and Central America. French summer exchange program to Lyon, France.
• Service opportunities to work in the community: (Example: caring for the children of our English as a Second Launguage students); tutoring, Christ Child
• Honor Society: French, Latin and Spanish Honor Societies showcasing students’ leadership, service and academic achievement.
• Latin, French and Spanish prayers recited daily, Christmas carols and other songs sung in the target languages
• Latin III students study the parts of the Traditional Latin
St. Mary’s Parish, a Catholic congregation served by the Redemptorist Order, includes St. Mary’s Church and St. John Neumann Mission Church. St. Mary's Elementary and High School located in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, serve students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. Anchored in faith, rooted in tradition, and committed to excellence, our programs build lifelong learners who are servant leaders.
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