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St. Marys High School provides many opportunities for students to learn more about their faith and to reconnect to God during the school year. Retreats provide an opportunity to step away from our everyday life and truly “unplug”. Retreats allow for time to grow in our faith, learn about ourselves and others and remind us that we are called to be Saints.

St. Marys offers dynamic retreats for each grade level as well as all employees.

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  • Freshman Retreat

    Freshman Retreat: 
    The incoming freshman will experience a dynamic  Day of Recollection “Welcoming them to Wherever they are!”
    The entire Freshman class will hear from a variety of students, staff and priests about this awesome community that they are a part of-St. Mary's!

    The Students will explore many aspects of their Faith with the focus being on the Community of St Marys; High School and Parish- as well as our founders: the Redemptorist community and School Sisters of Notre Dame!
    We spend the day at St John Neumann and join the parish at the 12:10 daily Mass.  It’s a wonderful chance for our students to get to know their classmates more, and also get to know this new community they have just entered.
    The retreat is planned and executed by a retreat team of
    students from the Junior class as well as the Campus Minister, Faculty members and High School Prefect.
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  • Sophomore Retreat

    The Sophomore Class continues their retreat experience at St Marys with a day of recollection.  The entire Tenth Grade class goes over to St John Neumann Church and experiences a day full of talks, prayer, videos, music, games, small groups, journaling  and of course the celebration of Mass!
     The retreat “Catholic Believe it or Not” is planned and executed by a retreat team of students from the Senior class as well as the Campus Minister, faculty members and High School Prefect.

    The Students will explore many aspects of their Faith; focusing on Miracles and the Saints. 
    This is a great retreat for the students to dive deeper into their relationship with Christ!
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  • Junior Retreat

    The Junior class will have a three day retreat at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA. The entire class will spend the three days exploring “Who am I?” Who am I in relationship with others? Who am I in relationship with Christ?

    It’s a solid packed three days where they get to explore
    Who Christ is and Who they are- while getting to know their fellow classmates and our Lord on a more personal level. 
    They will get to know Christ through the celebration of the Eucharist, celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation,  listening to talks on the themes, time in small groups discussing the talks with their fellow students, and let’s not forget the fun they will have in the games and skits!
    The Junior Class, with the grace of God, will return on Fire for Christ and walk the halls in a different way than when they first left-ready to lead our school closer to Christ and be true witnesses.
    The retreat is planned and led by the Campus Minister, High School Prefect and a team of Faculty members and alumni.
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  • Senior Retreat - Kairos

    The Senior class participates in Kairos- a national retreat program that is deep in tradition.                                
    Kairos, “God’s Time” is truly that; a chance to get away from your normal, everyday life,  for a little while and spend some quality time with God! 
    This, four day retreat, is an opportunity to explore our relationship with ourselves, our community and with our God.
    Student leaders offer presentations on faith, spirituality,and self-reflection.
    The participants are invited to reflect on their own faith journey and begin to deepen their spiritual lives. Conversation, Prayer, Social activities, Mass,
    Sacraments and Community reflection allow for a powerful and enriching
    retreat experience. 

    The intention of the retreat is to gather a diversity of students to share their stories and listen to the stories of others with the goal of seeking the presence of God and growing in relationship with Him!

    This student led retreat takes place at Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA and is assisted by a team of Faculty members as well as the High School Prefect and Campus Minister!
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