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St. Mary’s Parvis Scholar Program confers recognition and honor upon the most intellectually promising Christian leaders of St. Mary’s High School. 
This program is reserved for select sophomores who demonstrate steadfast commitment to academic excellence and Christian values.
Named in honor of St. Mary’s Teacher of the Year 1991-1992, the Parvis Scholar Program was established to honor the work of Rosemary Annette Parvis, Social Studies department chair and teacher. Following graduation ceremonies on May 23, 1992, the St. Mary’s community suffered the tragic loss of Rose Parvis in an automobile accident. She was an extraordinary woman: a loving wife, a compassionate and caring mother, a consummate academic, a passionate and dedicated teacher. She was a quiet leader and a constant model of the Christian values which she lived each day.

The Parvis Scholar Program is governed by an academic committee which reviews applications and selects students to be named Parvis Scholar nominees. Those students who are selected will receive singular distinction as Parvis Scholars—an honor these students will carry throughout their years at St. Mary’s. Recognized Parvis Scholars, selected on the basis of both merit and potential, as well as academic achievement and Christian leadership ability, will demonstrate the principles which Rose Parvis espoused and which are an inherent part of the philosophy of a St. Mary’s education. Upon graduation, these students will have:
  • Sustained a grade point average of 4.0 or above
  • Demonstrated Christian commitment over a four-year career at St. Mary’s
  • Illustrated service to the St. Mary’s High School community and to the community at large through leadership in co-curricular and social arenas
  • Attained acceptance to an institute of higher learning to further pursue a professional career
"Each of our St. Mary's High School Parvis Inductees for 2017 earned a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or above following the first semester of the sophomore year.  Each has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to Gospel values and a dedication to serving others.  These sophomores employ the gifts of faith, scholarship, sensitivity, compassion, and inclusion. They are leaders in their class and in their school." Stated Chris Morgan, Assistant Principal for AcademicsThis year we are honored to have 19 sophomore inductees, 14 of which came from our St. Mary’s elementary school.   This is a tremendous compliment of the great work our lower school is doing to advance our students in academic excellence.  This year’s inductees are Eleanor Aherne, Maggie Aumiller, Mary Byrne, Aidan Doud, Alayna Everhart, Elizabeth Gilman, Elizabeth Harris, Peter Lynch, Trevor Martinez, Thomas Mollen, Ashlyn Odenwald, Alyssa Pasta, Bryce Pfundstein, William Rogers, Spira Rosseau, Charles Ruland, Rylei Smith, Jacob Tribull and Robert Daniel Wilson.  
St. Mary’s Parish, a Catholic congregation served by the Redemptorist Order, includes St. Mary’s Church and St. John Neumann Mission Church. St. Mary's Elementary and High School located in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, serve students in grades Kindergarten through 12. Anchored in faith, rooted in tradition, and committed to excellence, our programs build lifelong learners who are servant leaders.
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