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Capital Gazette 2017 High School Outstanding Student Achievers

Today three of our amazing students were recognized at the Capital Gazette 2017 High School Outstanding Student Achievers event. 
In partnership with the AA County Chamber of Commerce they honored extraordinary students from AA County and private high schools. The keynote speaker was County Executive Steve Schuh.

Each of our students were chosen by teachers nominating them. 

Scholastic Achievement: Alexis Kruger
Alexis “Lexi” Kruger is in the top of her class, but that isn’t the only reason she is a perfect recipient of this award. Lexi’s curiosity for knowledge is exemplary. She has an innate ability to write and think analytically, but also express herself both orally and in written word on a variety of topics. Mrs. Smith, her Spanish teacher, says Lexi is in the top 5% of all students she has taught. Lexi makes Mrs. Smith a better teacher because of the level of validity Lexi adds to Mrs. Smith’s tests. Mrs. Smith wishes Lexi was in her first period every day because Lexi can find any errors and asks the most thought provoking questions, which prepares Mrs. Smith for her other classes. On a daily basis Lexi consistently demonstrates the ability to think critically and synthesize material on a high level. Lexi is gifted in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Foreign Language earning Principal’s Honors each quarter of her High School career.

Visual and Performing Arts Achievement: Meghan Yunger
Meghan is an outstanding visual artist whom St. Mary's High School is extremely proud to have in our Class of 2018. Meghan excels in all aspects of art especially portrait paintings and drawings. She is always eager to share her talents with the school and parish community of St. Mary's. Meghan was one of the select students who helped recreate parts of the Icon painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for a celebration attended by hundreds of people. She also took on the role as one of the lead students and head designer in creating a mural for St. Mary's High school. Meghan's passion for art is contagious. She is constantly looking for ways to grow as an artist and share her passion to help others grow as artist
and better appropriate the fine arts.

Citizenship Achievement: James Hayburn
James “Jimmy” Hayburn serves the congregation of Sacred Heart Parish in Bowie as both a Youth Leader in the Youth Program and a member of the High Team. The High Team is appointed by the Monsignor and serves in the formal masses throughout the year. Jimmy’s faith is so strong and a part of him there is no end to his devotion. The beauty of his faith extends not only to his parish, but to our school community. Since learning Spanish, he has reached out to our ESL community and helps watch children each week while their parents are attending classes. Jimmy’s service is done without asking and without a need for recognition. We are blessed to have an opportunity to share his boundless spirit of service through this award.
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