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Auction Class Baskets

Auction Class Baskets

Suggested Items
Snow Day Cocoa, Cookies and Cuddles

Lego Snow Lego Snow Lego Snow 
Susan Emerson
Two Baskets:
1)American Girl 

2)Lego Themed
Snowflakes and Pancakes - Breakfast themed basket. Catherine Tolman Gift cards to local breakfast hot spots and make at home breakfast items.
Cozy Winter Nights
Shawn Hanks
Lauren Dufrene Warm throw, fuzzy pillows, fire place starters, cocoa, mugs, wine, glasses, etc.
Cold & Crabby Amy Brownell
Crab pot, hammers & crackers, Old Bay, Platter, Beer and Annapolis Seafood gift card etc.
Snow-licious Kelly Cooper Cooking utensils, ingredients (for pasta, etc.), serving bowl, recipe book, wine, wine glasses & accessories
Blizzard Ski weekend! Emily Herman
Lift tickets, weekend at ski liberty, gift cards from ski related places. (baltimore ski, ski liberty, ski haus, etc)
Flurries of Fun Stacie May
Winter activities/birthday party
Dashing through the Snow Susannah Barnum Sled, snow toys, Quiet Waters Park Ice Skating Passes, Ski Haus gift Card
 Ice Ice Baby  Robin Barbrick  Alcohol, mixers, drink recipe book, glasses, barware . . . 
Gift Cards
Gift cards of any amount, to anywhere for anything - other ideas welcome

Your Chance to Help!

As in previous years, we are asking parents to consider making a voluntary donation to a class basket for the auction. All donations will be used to create a basket that can then be auctioned off to the highest bidder. 
If you have any questions regarding class baskets, feel free to email your child's class basket lead listed to the left, below donation form. 
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