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McGeady Scholarship Recipients

Class of SMES 2004 – SMHS 2008 = Vincent Cerniglia
Class of SMES 2005 – SMHS 2009 = Claire Olechowski, U.S. Naval Academy
Class of SMES 2006 – SMHS 2010 = Jillian Coughlin, U.S. Naval Academy
Class of SMES 2007 – SMHS 2011 = Anna Butler
Class of SMES 2008 –- SMHS 2012 = Rose Friel
Class of SMES 2009 – SMHS 2013 = Anne Galligan
Class of SMES 2010 – SMHS 2014 = Michael Van Slyke
"After being the first recipient of the newly established McGeady Family Scholarship in 2004, it makes me proud to see the quality of candidates selected year after year for this award. The McGeady Family Scholarship has helped me realize the importance of both my academic endeavors as well as given structure to my extracurricular, athletic and social life throughout high school and college. I can't thank the McGeady Family enough for their continued support to help St. Mary's students' reach their goals."
V.J. Cerniglia
 St. Mary's Elementary School, Class of 2004
St. Mary's High School, Class of 2008
Wake Forest University, Class of 2012

"It was a honor to receive the McGeady Scholarship. St. Mary's Elementary provided the academic foundation necessary to succeed, and I am very thankful for the McGeady's recognition and generosity." Anna Butler St. Mary's Elementary School, Class of 2008
St. Mary's High School, Class of 2012