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The St. Alphonsus Legacy Society recognizes the generosity of our alumni, parents, parishioners, and friends who have made a planned gift to St. Mary’s Schools.  Eligibility for membership is not dependent on the amount of the gift or the age of the donor.  Membership in the Legacy Society is permanent and will continue as long as the gift remains in effect.
Gifts may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose such as creating a scholarship for deserving students; academic, athletic, or fine arts programs; and/or support for capital projects, technology, and equipment initiatives.
By making a planned gift, you can demonstrate what you believe in, show your support for the traditions and values we preserve, and join us in continuing our work for generations to come.

Please consider the follow opportunities

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  • Beneficiary Designation

    If you have set up a retirement plan, insurance policy, bank, and/or brokerage account, chances are you’ve completed beneficiary designation form to specify who will benefit and what percentage you’d like each to have. In addition to naming individuals, you can also name charities.  So you can make a generous gift to St. Mary’s from any of these assets by simply updating that
  • Bequests

    A bequest – a gift made through your will or living trust – can be the easiest gift to make because it costs you nothing during your lifetime. Plus, it’s “revocable,” so you update or change it if your circumstance changes.  If you already have a will or living trust, you can amend it to include a bequest St. Mary’s with a simple codicil.
For more information on making a planned gift, including gifts that pay you, please contact: 

Office of Advancement 

You may also wish to contact your attorney or financial advisor about the tax benefits of a planned gift.