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Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the St. Mary’s High School Athletic Training page.  The mission of the St. Mary’s High School Athletic Training program is to provide the best possible care for student-athletes.  This is accomplished through prevention, recognition, evaluation, assessment, immediate care, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries and illnesses.   Emphasis is also placed on educating the St. Mary’s community about Athletic Training and the importance of Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainers in helping provide the best health care for its student-athletes.

Athletic Trainers must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training program.  Accredited programs include formal instruction in injury and illness prevention, first aid and emergency care, assessment of injuries and illnesses, human anatomy, and physiology, therapeutic modalities and nutrition.  More than 70% of certified athletic trainers hold at least a master’s degree.

Athletic trainers must meet the qualifications set by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification, and individual state licensure qualifications.  They must maintain current knowledge and skills through required continuing education, and adhere to the standards of professional practice set by the NATABOC, while practicing athletic training under the direction of a physician.

The St. Mary’s athletic trainer provides health care to approximately 425 student athletes on 36 junior varsity and varsity athletic teams, and in 2014 St. Mary’s was awarded the Safe Sports School Award by the National Athletic Trainers Association.  

Injury Information

Physician Referral and Emergency Room Policy

We understand injuries are going to happen, and you have many options on how to get your son or daughter properly evaluated and treated.  We encourage when possible to have the student athlete evaluated by the athletic trainer to determine the best course of action needed.  If a specialist referral is recommended the athletic trainer will be in contact with the family to discuss possible options.  We have several groups and doctors that we are networked with and can facilitate and expedite appointments.  You are under no obligation to use our physicians; however there are benefits in doing so. You may be able to have a quicker appointment and the communication regarding your son or daughter’s care is already in place with networked physicians.  If you see your personal or specialty physician, written documentation must be returned to the athletic trainer with diagnosis, treatment plan, and any recommended restrictions and timeline for return to play. 

Your son or daughter will not be able to participate in athletic team practices or games if they have seen a physician without submitting the proper written documentation.

Emergency Room Visits – If your son or daughter goes to the ER for an injury we must receive written release or recommendations prior to returning to athletic participation.

Concussion Management Policy

St. Mary’s High School and the medical team, coaches, teachers and administrator take all concussions seriously and our primary goal is for a quick and safe recovery for your child.  Academics will come first, and hopefully a return to athletic involvement.  If you or your son or daughter believes a concussion is suspected please contact the athletic trainer as soon as possible to develop the best management care plan.  We participate with the nationally recognized ImPACT testing.  All of our collision and contact sport athletes will have a baseline assessment their freshman and junior years.  Transfers will be tested their first year at St. Mary’s, and then follow the two year model above.  

Post Concussion Academic Care Plan

If a concussion is suspected, please contact athletic trainer and school personnel.  If possible, we strongly recommend complete cognitive rest for the initial 24-48 hours after the injury.  This will require your son or daughter to remain home from school while symptomatic.   As tolerable he or she may return, with a note from pediatrician, or concussion clinic explaining absence.  An ACE Care Plan should be completed by the treating physician and submitted to the school for each follow up visit until your son or daughter is cleared to return to academics without restrictions.

Additional information regarding concussions can be found in the concussion documents and links on the right side of this page.

Athletic Training Room

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