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Planning Your St. Mary's High School Reunion

The St. Mary’s Advancement Office offers these guidelines to help you prepare for your upcoming class reunion…HAPPY PLANNING!

Where we can help

  • Contacting Classmates: Reunions are an essential part of updating the alumni contact list. The Advancement Office will generate the most current information on file for your class. It is likely that some addresses may not be current for fellow classmates. In addition to our current Alumni Database, the Alumni Directory and yearbooks are available in the Advancement Office to help search for relatives and/or friends of missing classmates.
  • Correspondences: Once a final mailing list has been developed, the Advancement Office can print and mail a "Save the Date" postcard and an invitation along with a response card.
  • Postage: The Advancement Office will gladly provide all postage processing from our office.
  • Money: Reunion chairs have two options for processing funds; Checks can be made out to St. Mary’s for processing through the Advancement Office or the reunion chairperson can use his or her personal bank account for the event.
  • Publicity: The Advancement Office can provide assistance in publicizing your reunion events by using our Web site and the Fleur de Lis Alumni Magazine.
  • Date, Time, and Place: St. Mary’s can provide you with a list of local venues to hold your reunion, along with caterers, musicians, Disc Jockey’s and photographers that we frequently use.
  • St. Mary’s Campus Tour: If you hold your reunion on Campus, the Advancement Office can facilitate the building to be unlocked for a peak of any changes since graduation. St. Mary’s also can provide a student representative to give a guided tour.
  • Class Mass: For any reunion, a mass can be held in honor of your class and in remembrance of deceased classmates. Reserved seating can be arranged with notification to the Church and the offertory gifts can be brought up by classmates.
  • Souvenirs: The Advancement Office can offer ideas and suggest vendors for giveaways for the night of your reunion. Giveaways may even be on hand in the Advancement office for a small fee.
  • Committee Headquarters: The Advancement Office operates between 8-5 Mon-Fri. and will gladly reserve a meeting room for your committee to gather. One week advance notice required, contact Jennifer by email at

What you can do

  • Form a Committee: Committee chairperson/s is/are needed to plan your reunion, contact classmates, and make all necessary arrangements, please contact the Advancement Office to start your planning at 410-268-3467, go to our website or email
  • What type of reunion do we want? Keep in mind that an attractive ticket price will help attendance. On special anniversary years, such as your 25th, the event can be more special. Planning your reunion around local events in Annapolis may help draw out-of-town classmates. Families may enjoy planning a reunion “vacation” if they can include other things of interest for the entire family. Visit for a local calendar. A survey of your classmates may also be helpful in making plans.
  • Location: Having your reunion at St. Mary’s is always welcome. When available, Marian Hall and St. John Neumann on Bestgate Rd. are nice options.
  • Special Guests: Establish a list of special guests. Would you like someone to present a welcome or personally accept a gift from your reunion committee? Or, maybe one of your favorite teachers that everyone remembers? The Advancement Office can assist in contacting these people.
  • Timing: Timing and information are critical to the success of the reunion.
  • Reunion income and Expenses: The St. Mary’s tax-exempt number for reunion expenses is attached. Should any funds remain after all reunion expenses have been settled, it is customary that the class donates the funds as a gift to the St. Mary’s Fleur de Lis Annual Fund. We also encourage reunion classes to consider individual or class gifts to the Fleur de Lis Fund as part of their celebration. Today's and tomorrow’s Saints will thank you!
  • Follow-up: Committee members should follow up the invitation with phone calls to remind classmates to RSVP. You might consider getting the committee together with cell phones to conduct a “Call Night” as a fun get-together to contact classmates.
  • Reunion Recap: We ask each reunion committee to complete a “reunion recap” form to help gather information that will be helpful for future correspondence.
  • Post Reunion Follow-up: We would like Reunion Chairs to submit a summary of the reunion event along with digital photos for use in the Fleur-de-Lis Alumni Magazine.

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