College Counseling

The College Counseling Office at St. Mary’s assists each student in finding the best possible post-secondary match. Just as the mission of the school prizes the diverse backgrounds of its students, so too does the college counseling process strive to appreciate this diversity.
St. Mary’s students apply to and enroll in a wide range of colleges and universities reflect the enormous variety among their interests, talents, and priorities. College counseling is distinct from college placement. Central to the process is discussion about academic program; potential for success and degree of effort required within a given program; general demeanor among students; quality of relationships among students, faculty, and other advisers; and attitudes towards the school—real, perceived, or otherwise. Throughout the process, the college counselors help students clarify their thinking about college options; make intelligent and informed choices; present themselves and their credentials as accurately, fairly, and clearly as possible; and resolve any difficulties or confusion that arise along the way.
The college search is an educational process, a journey of self-discovery replete with challenges, rewards, and responsibilities. We assume that students who are preparing themselves to go off to college within a year will possess the motivation and self-discipline to seek the help needed rather than wait for the counselors to come to them. In all steps of the process we expect students to take initiative and be aware of the procedures and deadlines. Careful planning, realistic thinking, and willingness to adjust—if necessary—previously held and possibly unreasonable goals are essential to finding an environment that fits the needs of the student. The college counseling process is a partnership among students, parents, and counselors. We need your input, we welcome your questions, and we stand ready to assist.

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  • Photo of Kelly Hawse

    Mrs. Kelly Hawse 

    Director of College Counseling
    Phone: 410.990.4224
  • Photo of Monique Geiger

    Ms. Monique Geiger 

    Registrar/Guidance Assistant
    Phone: 410-990-4212
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