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Mr. Jamie Schlie - Chair

Mr. Schlie began teaching at St. Mary's in 2001 with over 25 years of teaching experience. Mr. Schlie chairs the Science Department and currently teaches Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry. He holds a Master of Science degree from Ohio State University.

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Mrs. Camille Baumann

Mrs. Baumann has been at St. Mary's since 1991. She currently teaches Biology, Environmental Science and AP Environmental Science. She is a graduate of St. Mary's and holds a Master of Education from Loyola College.

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Mrs. Stephanie Lotze

Mrs. Lotze began teaching at St. Mary's in 2008. She is currently teaching Biology, Honors Anatomy & Physiology and Forensic Science. Mrs. Lotze holds a BS in Biology with a focus in Marine Science and an MA in Instructional Systems Development, both from the University of Maryland.

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Mr. Sam Vecrumba

Mr. Vecrumba has been teaching for over 23 years, and at St. Mary's since 1994. He teaches Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry and Honors Physics. Mr. Vecrumba holds a Master of Science degree from Franklin & Marshall College.

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Ms. Georgia Wyatt

Ms. Wyatt has over 25 years of teaching experience and has been at St. Mary's since 1991. She is currently teaching Zoology, AP Biology, Honors Biology, and Honors Microbiology. She holds a Master of Education from LaSalle University.

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  • St. Mary's is accredited through AdvancedED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
  • St. Mary's is recognized and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.


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